Trinity has completed projects across the full spectrum of HR functional areas to meet specialized requirements that are time based and have defined deliverables.  We work closely with clients to help identify and clarify their requirements, and agree on priorities which approach is best suited for delivery of services.

How Trinity Works with Your Organization

The problem definition and project scope is not always that "black and white".  The nature of the relationship between Trinity and the client companies may evolve as phases of service implementation are accomplished.  Generally the relationship between Trinity and your organization is defined by the service platform chosen: 

1)       Implementation of Trinity’s Master Strategies*

2)       Delivery of Project Based Services*

3)       Engage Trinity for Interim Consulting*

4)       Enroll in Trinity’s Retainer Consulting Program*

   *Click the links to the left for more info on the service delivery


A-Z Project Overviews

Regardless of the approach chosen, Trinity prepares a comprehensive proposal outlining project milestones, timelines, implementation procedures, applicable follow-up, and costs.  


On-Going Communication & Follow-Up

Throughout the duration of the project, Trinity communicates regularly with the client to provide updates on progress.  We believe that there should be "no surprises", and we ensure that our clients are kept fully appraised of any noteworthy issues or developments that may arise in the course of project completion.