Critical Challenge:

Recruting & Retaining

From recruiting, training, assimilating, rewarding, and retaining; all aspects of team management and assembly are becoming increasingly complicated, with no end to the increase in complexity in sight. 

Other than a company’s brand, the recipe behind assembling and keeping the strongest HR team possible is any company’s most valuable asset.

Trinity can assist your company in winning the battle of assembling the strongest team by providing consulting, tools, and deliverables that will strengthen your organization’s recruiting and retaining strategies. 



To ensure that your organisation can attract, and retain employees that will make a lasting contribution to your goals.
Key Deliverables  (may entail more than one)

·    Performance Management Programs

·    Compensation Design

·    Succession Planning

Seminar/Workshop Options:

ü     Interviewing How To's

ü     Onboard Programs - Making lasting Connections

ü     Job Descriptions - Everyone Needs One!

ü     Compensation Programs  -  Strategy and Design

ü     Performance Management Systems - Design & Implementation

ü     Giving & Receiving Feedback - There is a "Right" Way!

ü     Employee Surveys and Focus Groups

ü     Succession Planning - Your Employees have a Future

ü     Be Consistent, Be Fair - Policies and Procedures Essentials

ü     Employee Handbooks - What Everyone Needs to Know

ü     Newsletter - the Connection Across the Company