Critical Challenge:

Effective Administration & Streamlined Operations

In todays business climate, a companys human capital strategy its workforce and the processes for managing its human capital management define its industry ranking.

Determining the best human capital strategy, and supporting administration of that strategy, requires re-thinking systems currently in place to best realign goals and operational procedures with key corporate objectives.

Leading companies will be those that implement HR administration systems that focus on value:  On how human capital drives important business outcomes revenues, profit, customer retention, etc.  Trinity assists companies rise to the top of this challenge. 



To link your business goals and human capital strategies/initiatives, to ensure business synergies, greater operational efficiencies, and a strong people resources base.
Key Deliverables  (may entail more than one)

    Human Capital Alignment

    HR Audit

    Policy Manuals

    Employee Tools

Seminar/Workshop Options:

  HR Strategy - Linking to Business Goals

  HR Audits - Is Everything in Place?

  Legislative Compliance Issues

  HR Policies and Procedures

  Orientation Programs

  Health and Safety Committees, Handbooks, and Policies

  Performance Management Systems

  Compensation Program Design

  Investigations - Harassment, Policy Violations

  Succession Planning, Career Development

  Labor Relations - Negotiations, Grievance Management, Arbitration's

  Organization Design Review

  Organization Restructuring

  Organization Programs