Critical Challenge:

Recruiting & Retaining

Not-for-Profit organizations. although supported by the highest values and goals, are often those most in need of HR consulting. 


With altruistic values driving workforce motivation, and an undying commitment from all layers of employees, the need for positive change in areas related to HR are often overlooked.


Trinity is experienced in assisting organizations of all sizes from the not-for-profit segment.  Whether the organization is looking to benefit from more alignment between goals and the allocation of human resources, streamlined procedures, “rightsizing”, leadership development, or any other functional area that relates to HR, Trinity can devise a comprehensive action plan to help NFPs reach their objectives more effectively and efficiently.



Trinity in Action

Below are two examples of how Trinity has assisted NFP’s reach set objectives.  You may also contact us for a free consultation on how Trinity can help your organization thrive.

NFP Project 1 -PAOC International Office

Trinity Associates was engaged to define the parameters for the Human Resources Committee that would address the Human Resources matters of the International Office. Meetings were held with members of the Executive to define priorities for the Committee. In addition, the parameters to conduct a Human Resources Audit were identified, as well as the framework to review to ensure the long-term effective management of the PAOC International office.


Guidance was provided on the closing of a major business unit of the organization, as well as a subsequent downsizing. Trinity worked with the Executive group on the structuring of termination packages and exit strategies for displaced employees, and corporate communication. Outplacement support was provided through customized workshops and one on one support to employees. Topics covered included identifying skill sets, personal interests, resume writing, letter writing, interview preparation, self marketing.

NFP Project 2 - KRT

Trinity Associates conducted a strategic organization review of 4 Corporate Divisions (Church, Day Care, Seniors Apartments, and Primary / High School) to identify opportunities to realize operational efficiencies, and establish a blue print for continued growth. 


Trinity led the Board through a Strategic Plan review, and conducted in-depth interviews and research with key staff.  Comprehensive report outlined improvements to Information Technology, Accounting, Administration functions, as well as restructuring of key positions and accountabilities within the organization.