Attracting, motivating and retaining executives and employees through strategic compensation has become a leading edge in international business today. Competitive products and services alone are not enough to ensure the success of the organization:  It is the talent and dedication of a motivated team that drives each company’s mission.

More on Compensation Design by Trinity

Trinity assists companies in developing customized and specific compensation programs that attract, retain, and motivate executives and key employees in your industry.  Our compensation program design service can dramatically assist your organization in meeting its goals by helping to insure that you retain the best players on your team.


Ensuring external competitiveness with the organization’s labor markets – whether they are local, regional, national or international – is an issue requiring careful comparison with appropriate survey data or, in some instances, conducting a custom survey.


Our Compensation Program Design services include:

·          Executive compensation consultation

·          Wage and salary determination and administration

·          Sales and marketing compensation

·          Incentive compensation

·          Performance Management Systems Development

·          Management Coaching on conducting effective appraisals

·          Performance appraisal and development

·          Inter industry or inter-company compensation surveys

·          Analysis of compensation program in relation to business strategy

·          Studies of organizational strategy in relation to performance objectives

·          Merger and acquisitions strategies