A Human Resource Audit is both a vital and excellent diagnostic tool that provides a professional and objective perspective on the client company's human resources efforts.   During the HR Audit, key areas for improvement are identified, and recommendations for changes are determined.  The HR Audit is recommended as a preliminary to all other services. 

Tasks performed by Trinity during the HR Audit

          Highlight legislative compliance vulnerabilities and liabilities

          Review employee relation's practices to identify any deficiencies/vulnerabilities

          Survey employees to review relations at grassroots level

          Evaluate relationships between HR and other departments

          Evaluate existing employee tools and services

          Identify organizational issues impacting productivity

          Identify administrative issues impacting morale

          Prioritize tasks to increase efficiency and reduce risk


The final step in the HR audit is to provide a comprehensive human resources action plan sets priorities and establishes the overall framework for improvement, change, enhanced efficiency, and increased compliance.


An HR Audit is strongly recommended to all new clients of Trinity Associates in order to effectively establish the overall framework for our business relationship through a thorough needs analysis.