By establishing goals and monitoring key performance indicators, companies instill a performance management culture throughout their organization that drives motivation, employee retention, and ultimately overall success.  When targets are reached, and efforts are rewarded, a wave of motivation can move through your entire enterprise.


More on Performance Management by Trinity

Having the correct tools in place to evaluate the achievement of objectives, employee performance, quotas, referrals, and more, provides you with a qualitative platform upon which decisions related to pay increases, promotions, and succession can be made. 

In addition, where there are performance deficiencies, the Performance management process provides an available protocol to address these concerns with the employee in a fair, objective, and constructive manner. 


Trinity has developed Performance Management systems to support the existing or changing culture and goals of the organization, such as a shift from "entitlement" to a "pay for performance" culture.  To engage management and employees alike, Trinity emphasizes ongoing communication at every phase of the process.  Systems are designed by keeping the size and the nature of the employee workforce in mind, so that the acceptance of the new approach is maximized for greater success. 


Benefits of Trinity’s Performance Management services:

·          Ensure performance management system is unbiased

·          Increase alignment of employee goals with corporate goals

·          Enhance employee relations by establishing employee-specific goals

·          Drive individual performance with enhanced feedback

·          Increase employee commitment and accountability

·          Increase personal job satisfaction through motivation and reward


Extensions of Trinity’s Performance Management services:

·          Management coaching on performance appraisal techniques

·          Employee training for appraisal preparation