Rightsizing entails the performance of in-depth analyses of an organizationís structure and staffing levels to determine if personnel resources are adequate or excessive. It also focuses on organizational issues such as reporting relationships, and the ability of the organization to serve its "customers" or users.


During the Rightsizing process, resources are refocusing and realigning to perform functions that are "mission critical" for a company to be performing. It challenges historical staffing levels and the existing organization structure by focusing on key issues such as productivity, efficiency, effectiveness and resource deployment.


Expert Advice from Experience Professionals

Trinity reviews the organization requirements to help determine if restructuring is the best route.  Ance this decision has been made, Trinity provides expert advice to organizations that have decided to restructure.


Support has been provided in development of the termination package for individual employees, and corporate as well as employee communication and follow-up support to help ensure as smooth a transition as possible through difficult circumstances.  Attention is also paid to supporting the morale of remaining employees.


Outplacement Workshops are available to support the transitioning employees. These range from 2 to 5 days, and cover topics of resume preparation, letter writing, networking, interviewing skills.