Changing Global Trends: Driving the need for better Human Capital Management

The drive towards meaningful human capital measurement is gaining pace, with regulatory developments indicating that human capital reporting will be a standard requirement within years. HR practitioners must ensure that they are ready to respond, with systems and thinking in place. People in organizations cannot be regarded as human capital in reality, until and unless their contribution to value can be measured with the same confidence as any other organizational asset.


- Richard Phelps, PricewaterhouseCoopers

Key Trends in Human Capital:A Global Perspective

March 15, 2002



Major "Push Factors" Driving Demand

For HR Consulting Services

  Need to free-up internal staff
  Streamlining of overall HR operations
  Increase accuracy / predictability of costs
  Re-gain focus on core business
  Increase talent acquisition and retention
  Enhance performance management
  Streamlining specific HR processes
  Talent and leadership development
  Enhanced compensation design strategies 
  Background screening / Investigations
  Increase compliance
  Reduce vulnerabilities & Risk